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My 2p!Canada Cosplaaaay by AnimeChicKaoru My 2p!Canada Cosplaaaay :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 It Broke! But it's still good! :D by AnimeChicKaoru It Broke! But it's still good! :D :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 1 0 BTT MOCHITALIA by AnimeChicKaoru BTT MOCHITALIA :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 NORDIC FAMILY! MOCHITALIA! by AnimeChicKaoru NORDIC FAMILY! MOCHITALIA! :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 AXIS POWERS MOCHITALIA! by AnimeChicKaoru AXIS POWERS MOCHITALIA! :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 ALLIED FORCES MOCHITALIA by AnimeChicKaoru ALLIED FORCES MOCHITALIA :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 A Snowy Day  (Part 3) by AnimeChicKaoru A Snowy Day (Part 3) :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 1 0 A Snowy Day  (Part 2) by AnimeChicKaoru A Snowy Day (Part 2) :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 1 0 A Snowy Day (Part 1) by AnimeChicKaoru A Snowy Day (Part 1) :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 1 0 UsUk by AnimeChicKaoru UsUk :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 1 0 I Don't Have A Title For This....... by AnimeChicKaoru I Don't Have A Title For This....... :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0
A Lost World
There is a place. A place that was created by humanity's tears and woe. A place where every angst story lives. A place where no-one is innocent. A place where blood stains everyone's hands. A place where hope doesn't exist. An immortal world.
A crack resounded throughout the room. It is dark, pitch black. You suddenly see two sea-green eyes in the darkness. A little light from a candle shines light throughout the small room you find yourself in. You gaze upon the being the eyes belong to and find yourself studying a young girl, who looks as if she is sixteen. She has deathly pale skin and dirty blond hair. She holds her hand out to you and slowly opens her mouth.
"Take my hand." She says. You feel the urge to grasp her hand and you do so without a second thought. Her hand is cold as ice and feels a smooth as a slippery pebble at the bottom of a lake. You are suddenly sucked into a hole and come out feeling as if you can't breath. Then pain soon subsides and you look upon the girl who i
:iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0
This is Gracie by AnimeChicKaoru This is Gracie :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 2 0 OMG LOOK A LITTLE BROTHER IN HIS NATURAL HABITAT! by AnimeChicKaoru OMG LOOK A LITTLE BROTHER IN HIS NATURAL HABITAT! :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 Jeff The Dog by AnimeChicKaoru Jeff The Dog :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 Giant moth on the window by AnimeChicKaoru Giant moth on the window :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0


ChinaxMaid!Reader - Truth or Dare
It was just another day at an unproductive World Conference in the country of France, when the Countries started a feisty game of truth or dare...
"Fine, I pick dare," China said stubbornly.
"Alright," France said as he reclined back into his seat, "I dare you to confess your feelings to whom you love~" Prussia and Spain smirked, and averted their eyes to the tall Russian man sitting patiently with his usual creepy smile.
"Da, go on, you can tell Russia how you feel. We can become one then." Russia assured contently.
"AIYAH, NOT YOU, ARU." China blushed, burying his face into his hands. America rolled his eyes and smacked Spain and Prussia lightly across the head. "Not the Commie, dude. We mean (__f/n__)!" The American turned to China, "You do like her, right?" Everyone pivoted their attention to China.
"You've... got the hots for one of the maids working here?" Prussia asked raising an eyebrow, "Wow, China, that's kinky. I never knew an old man like you was
:iconagentcnd08:AgentCND08 451 197
Election? JapanxReader
"Kiku, I'm home!" You called to your japanese husband, taking off your shoes and putting them to the side. You placed your keys and purse (if you have one) on the table before looking around.
"I'm in here _______." your husband replied, you noticed the bathroom light on. He must be getting ready to go somewhere.
"Where are you going dear?" you asked, hoping he'd step out of the room looking spiffy, and you'd kiss his cheek and go on your merry way.
"I have an errection today."
Your face dropped. What did he just say?
"What did you say?" you said exactly.
Your husband stepped out of the bathroom with a toothbrush in his mouth and both hands fixing his tie.
"I have an errection today _________. Didn't you hear me?"
Trying not to make it look awkward, you scanned him. He..did..have..a....pants problem? Lets just say that.
"Oh..okay.." there was a short pause.
"Yes ________?"
"Say 'election'."
He sighed.
"Do we rearry have to do this right n-" suddenly he stopped. His face slowly b
:icon1meh8:1meh8 325 230
And thus, Hentai was born. - China x Reader
Once this idea came into my head, I just had to write it! It's a lime, not a lemon, so if you don't like that stuff... Don't read it. Or just don't bash me. I don't think it needs a mature content rating, just this little note. Enjoy c:
It was a rainy Friday evening, and you were spending it with your boyfriend Yao Wang. You two had 'plans', so to speak, but lately he had been taking care of a little boy named Kiku Honda. It was nearing 8 'clock, Kiku's bed time, and you two were silently counting down the seconds left while watching TV.
"Okay, Kiku, time for you to do to bed!" Yao said, with a bit of a lift in his voice once the clocked turned to 8:00.
"Hai. Good night, _________-san." Kiku said politely as Yao picked him up and brought him to his room.
" 'Night, Kiku." You said smiling to Kiku.
Yao tucked Kiku into his bed and went back into the living room, turning off the TV. Apparently, he had been just as impatient as you.
"So, now that Kiku is out of the way..." He traile
:iconpotterforevermore:PotterForeverMore 143 145
Mature content
ChinaxReader - Please Lao Shi :iconbalancedbeginning:balancedBeginning 218 158
I Like That :S.Italy:
Warning: Minor language
Lovino Vargas had the biggest repertoire of expletives ever.
Everyone had been witness to that some time or the other.
And it never ceased to amuse you.
Just irk that loveable bastard's temper, and you could be witness to it, too.
But there was definitely something appealing about a guy who could express his emotions in such a manner.
Or Lovino Vargas, in general.
Various other...erm, censored thoughts ran through your mind as well, as you sat in a ding-bat of a closet with Lovino almost radiating heat due to anger on the other side of the closet. Alfred had yelled "You guys only have seven minutes, remember!" quite a while ago, and truth be told, by now, you were really sure that nothing was going to happen between us.
Suddenly, a brain-wave struck you, and fishing for a piece of paper from your pocket, you dug it out and spit your gum into it. Throwing it aside and inching closer to Lovino, you used your hand as a method of guide. Feeling a slend
:iconwhat-the-crapola:what-the-crapola 51 62
ChinaxReader: Thank You Big Brother
  You clung onto your big brother's clothing, hiding like you shy little self behind him. In front of you stood England, a man you hated with all your heart and soul for what he did to brother's home.
  That beautiful canal brother built so long ago got partially destroyed by him and then he took big brother Hong Kong away from you too. He sent your brother off into the ocean and you were left alone with big brother Japan.
  And now, not only did England stand in your home, but a few other faces. "Onhonhon~" A long, blond haired man said, looking at you rather...suspiciously. "China, who is this?"
  Your brother immediately took you into his arms,"Haven't all of you taken enough land from me aru?" He snapped, defensively holding you close. "Besides, you already have Indochina!"
  "Then why don't I just take her off your hands?" England said, approaching you both with his arms outstretched. As soon as your brother noticed you shake in fear, he covered you up
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 161 97
Mature content
In a theater (Canada x reader) :iconcapncatastrophe:CapnCatastrophe 150 16
Mature content
APH: Working Late :iconhyperanimekittygirl:HyperAnimeKittyGirl 29 18
AN 2011: Undefended Border by HyperAnimeKittyGirl AN 2011: Undefended Border :iconhyperanimekittygirl:HyperAnimeKittyGirl 18 2 APH: Love in the Kitchen by HyperAnimeKittyGirl APH: Love in the Kitchen :iconhyperanimekittygirl:HyperAnimeKittyGirl 70 23
RomanoXReader - Tomato Bath
Tomato Bath
"Effing skunk..." the Italian man cursed as he slowly dipped himself into the bath of tomato juice.
Standing in the garage, you chuckled as you remembered what had happened earlier that day.
---Flash back---
Sitting on a hillside, you and Romano where out just passing time, enjoying each others company. Having been friends for quite some time now, hanging out like this was the norm for the both of you.
You had been peacefully listening to his ramblings about 'that Spain jerk', 'that potato freak', and 'my retard of a brother', to put certain words lightly. The way he spoke with that Italian accent always put you into a light trance. You loved hearing the occasional rolling of the letter 'R' when he talked. You loved that when he spoke, he used subtle body motions to give more 'depth' into what he is saying. You loved watching that one piece of hair that was to stubborn to stay down, bob as he moved. Small things lik
:icondragonscaleink:Dragonscaleink 847 493
Italians Are Lovers.(Romano,ItalyxReader Oneshot)
Your fingers twitched in curiosity as you eyed the peculiar curl that sprang out from Italy and Romano's heads.  You'd know both of them for so long but never quite grasped the concept of their hair curls (for they never told you about what it did to them.)  You weren't even watching the TV screen anymore, you came to realize as Romano shifted and the odd curl bounced slightly with his movement.
Finally, the older brother realized you had been staring at himself and his brother. His fiery amber eyes caught hold of yours, but before he could tell you to stop staring, you abruptly turned your eyes away from his.  But, when his eyes turned back to the screen, you turned your eyes back towards their curls for the remainder of the movie.
After the movie was completed, Italy thought it'd be a good idea to get some dinner, which you hastily agreed too. Anything to get my mind off of the curl, you thought and followed the brother duo into Italy's kitchen. Even wit
:icont-adash-i:T-adash-i 399 195
Germans Are Engineers(PrussiaxReaderxGermany)
"If you two didn't know how to work on cars, I think I would die." You beamed brightly as you looked over the two Germans working on your car. "I mean, going to a professional engineer is so darn expressive!" You let your legs swing freely off the side of the table on your garage. This truly beat going to the auto repair shop for Ludwig as well as his brother lost their shirts due to the very steamy weather outside. You found yourself staring once and a while…
"Ja, it is expensive." Ludwig said, picking up what looked like a wrench before fixing up what was needed.
Gilbert looked up at you from the engine, wiping sweat from his brow in the process. "You better be paying us though."
You raised an eyebrow before complaining slightly, "Why? You two are my best friends~! Common." You leaned forward with the most innocent face you could muster.
"Nein!" Gilbert said, "It's hot out here, and you think we're going to do it for free when we're cooking our asses off, and you're sitting ther
:icont-adash-i:T-adash-i 362 103
APH comic - Hot Pasta by AmeUmi36 APH comic - Hot Pasta :iconameumi36:AmeUmi36 448 118 APH: Surviving Winter by atds0724 APH: Surviving Winter :iconatds0724:atds0724 296 29 RoChu I.S.: 02 by atds0724 RoChu I.S.: 02 :iconatds0724:atds0724 286 29



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I love listening to music, Writing fanfiction, Singing, and drawing. I'm not very good at drawing but, I hope to improve. I have short blond hair and sea green eyes, peachy skin color, and I have braces. I have an eight year old brother who turns nine in december. I myself am thirteen and turning fourteen in May. I was born 05/23/03 and I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. I don't have any pets but, I really want a kitten. My favorite breakfast food is Cheese Danish and my favorite food period is Hibachi Shrimp. If you don't know what is, well, you can just Go. To. Sleep! Speaking of which, I love CreepyPasta (BEN DROWNED is my personal favorite), SVTFOE (STARCO FOREVER), The PowerPuff Girls (BUTCHERCUP IS BOSS), Vocaloid (GUMIIIIII >♡<), Gravity Falls (PINECEST FOREVER!), Hetalia (Russia is bae- RussCan is my OTP), and Miraculous (Nathaneal is bae #2, MariChat is OTP)


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