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My 2p!Canada Cosplaaaay :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 It Broke! But it's still good! :D :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 1 0 BTT MOCHITALIA :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 NORDIC FAMILY! MOCHITALIA! :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 AXIS POWERS MOCHITALIA! :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 ALLIED FORCES MOCHITALIA :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 A Snowy Day (Part 3) :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 1 0 A Snowy Day (Part 2) :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 1 0 A Snowy Day (Part 1) :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 1 0 UsUk :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 1 0 I Don't Have A Title For This....... :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0
A Lost World
There is a place. A place that was created by humanity's tears and woe. A place where every angst story lives. A place where no-one is innocent. A place where blood stains everyone's hands. A place where hope doesn't exist. An immortal world.
A crack resounded throughout the room. It is dark, pitch black. You suddenly see two sea-green eyes in the darkness. A little light from a candle shines light throughout the small room you find yourself in. You gaze upon the being the eyes belong to and find yourself studying a young girl, who looks as if she is sixteen. She has deathly pale skin and dirty blond hair. She holds her hand out to you and slowly opens her mouth.
"Take my hand." She says. You feel the urge to grasp her hand and you do so without a second thought. Her hand is cold as ice and feels a smooth as a slippery pebble at the bottom of a lake. You are suddenly sucked into a hole and come out feeling as if you can't breath. Then pain soon subsides and you look upon the girl who i
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This is Gracie :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 2 0 OMG LOOK A LITTLE BROTHER IN HIS NATURAL HABITAT! :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 Jeff The Dog :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0 Giant moth on the window :iconanimechickaoru:AnimeChicKaoru 0 0


Open Seat: Male!Belarus x Reader
Open Seat: Male!Belarus x Reader
  You had been in the room for maybe three seconds before two hands clamped down on your shoulders. You let out a small shriek and turned around to be face-to-face with Belarus. He may have been glaring, but you could see that he was really worried, "You said that you would be here by 12:15, and it is already 12:43! Where were you?!" As he said all of this, he was frantically checking you for possible injuries.
  You gently pushed him away. "The traffic was really bad coming here, I'm fine," you said calmly. He stopped searching for injuries, but still seemed irritated, " Then why didn't you tell me?! I've been worried sick about you!" He exclaimed while pulling you back to him. You rolled your eyes and tried to keep at least a few centimeters between you two. "I'm sorry, Belarus. I forgot," you mumbled into his chest, giving up on escaping his grasp.
  All it took was you being nice to him one time. One time. Then you suddenly became the
:iconeshucreature:EshuCreature 632 141
BTLG -My Silent Gentle Giant- Sweden x Reader
*woosh woosh* *crash!*
Those were the first sounds I heard when I first woke up.
The next sense that came to me was smell. It smelled like brine and seaweed.
After that my taste sense came back. The air tasted salty.
And finally my sense of touch came back to me. I felt like my body landed on something sandy. When I opened my eyes I found myself on a beach. Then all of a sudden I felt wetness all over my legs and chest.
Confused I lifted my head and examined my body. Most of my body was on the beach but the waves crashing onto shore reached my body thus wetting me up to my chest.
I struggled to get myself onto dry land but my body felt like jello. It almost felt as if I had been drugged. After what seemed like an eternity, I managed to get myself out of the surf and onto drier land.
Breathing pretty hard, you were about to think ‘Why am I here?’ when voices at the other side of the beach caught your attention.
“I wil
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 425 179
BTLG - That's My Darling Man - Poland x Reader
*bubble* *drip drip* *splash*
It sounded like water but you were completely dry. You tried to open your eyes but the sun blinded you.
“Gah!” You closed your eyes. Using your sense of touch, you felt that you were lying belly down on asphalt.
Slowly with some effort you again opened your eyes to see what was around you.
“The f-?” You turned you head a bit to the side to see a gigantic mansion to the side of you.
“Woah! That’s a nice house but where am I?”
You looked up to your front of your body to see it lying in front of a huge fountain. Clear rivulets of water were gently cascading down the structure reflecting the sun’s bright light.
Your mini pain in your eyes turned into a migraine. In pain, you shut your eyes and laid your head down but not before hearing laughter and two sets of footsteps coming toward you.
Poland and Lithuania were walking together and laughing. Their laugh
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 191 56
BTLG- Auroras + Mr. Puffin -Iceland x Reader
‘Ugh what a headache’ You clutched your head in mild discomfort.
For some reason you didn’t feel like opening your eyes. It was like your mind was unconsciously telling you to not open them.
‘This is ridiculous’ You shook your head. ‘It was only a bad dream’
Your [e/c] eyes slowly blinked open and you were immediately blinded. “Agh!”
‘Ow! It felt like I was staring into the sun’ Cautiously you opened your eyes again, the blinding light dimmed and you were able to look to your form.
“What the-!”
Apparently you were already standing. ‘Strange I don’t remember standing up?’
You looked to the ground expecting to see your living room floor underneath your bare feet. “AHHHH!”
You were in midair… in the sky… with no ground in sight!
“What the hell??”
You were so frightened that you fell on your bu
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 234 69
BTLG- More Than Obsession - Male! Belarus x Reader
*muffled wind blowing*
You tried to move your head but your body was unable to move. In shock, you opened your eyes to find that you were under the snow!
“Ah!” you yelled. The snow budged a bit as you thrashed. You knew the more you moved the snow would collapse on your head. Thankfully you were able to move a bit more, so you decided to take a chance in order to get out. Taking a deep breath, you struggled one last time as the snow fell right on your head. You punched and kicked until you finally reached the surface, inhaling freezing air.
The wind blew; its cold grip freezing you to the bone. You sort of wished you stayed under the snow for shelter but deep down you knew you would have ran out of oxygen.
You got out of the hole you were once trapped in and wondered which way to turn. Fortunately, a storm didn't start up yet but the wind signaled that it was coming.
Something in your body told you to walk straight forward. Trusting instin
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 374 113
BTLG- Curl Misunderstandings - Greece x Reader
You woke up to a strange grumble. Then *POW!*
The ground around you shook; it shook so hard that your teeth rattled.
In shock you sat straight up.
Then another earthquake hit! *GRRR!*
You saw a huge shadow loom over you and once you looked up, it took a moment for you to realize some ruins were about to fall on top of you!
One of the huge columns fell toward you. “EEEK!” you screeched. In a split second, your body was launched to move.
Your poor palms had its skin shaved off as you escaped the falling columns. You then burst onto your feet and ran!
‘Where the hell am I?!’ you mentally bellowed. Your eyes scanned the place as you ran.
Ruins littered everywhere showing you were at some type of lost, crumbling city. The strangest thing was that a lot of these ruins resembled the ones in Greece.
“Could it really be-?!” You were cut off mid-sent
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 460 100
BTLG -To Muddle a Frenchman- France x Reader
You moaned feeling as if your head was being punctured by a thousand needles. Your body would have felt the same if it wasn’t cushioned by a very soft and pleasant surface.
“What the-?”
You struggled to open your eyes and found yourself in a huge room, no scratch that the room looked more like a ballroom except it had a huge table in the middle with many chairs surrounding it. Elaborate paintings hung on the velvet looking walls and huge glass windows took up one whole side of the room.
‘This looks like a room that holds meetings’ you thought.
You looked down and saw that you were lying in a posh fluffy carpet, so comfortable that your aching body felt like it was floating on a cloud. Enjoying the feel of the carpet, you wondered whose house were you in.
As if to answer you, a certain Frenchman raised his voice to someone, “Wy do you boter coming ere wen I told you dzat I will get the money I owe you soo
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 273 90
BTLG - Jealous Latin Lover - South Italy x Reader
The air smelled clean and crisp. All around your body you felt a scratchy material that would give you a rash later.
‘Uhh, what is that?’
Your eyes opened slightly. You found that you were actually lying on top of grass.
After widening them up some more you found that there were bright green trees surrounding you. When you looked closer there were little red dots in the trees. Confused you brought your head a little higher to find out that these red dots were actually tomatoes!
‘Wha-? How did I end up in a tomato garden!?’ you thought.
Soon after you heard a gentle humming. Whoever was humming was humming a nice tune. It sounded like a beautiful melody that immediately got your attention to find out who it was.
You were propping yourself on your elbows to raise yourself up when a tomato fell on your head.
“Ow!” The impact of the tomato itself was not enough to mortally hurt you but it somehow set
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 485 143
BTLG- Compassionate Male Nurse- China x Reader
*drip drip* *trickle* *cheep cheep*
You were coming out of unconsciousness.
The wind blew softly into your hair.
The air smelled so crisp. It also was scented like perfume. Not the perfume that stores give out to customers but a natural perfume, the kind that only nature can produce.
You used your sense of touch to feel your body lying on the ground.
The surface beneath you was stable but soft.
‘I wonder where I am?’ you thought.
You felt so at peace, you opened your eyes, blinked twice, and were surprised to find where you were.
You looked around you to find pretty pink sakura trees all around you. Directly to your left was a bubbling brook, gently making its way past the polished rocks.
You then brushed something soft.
Looking down, your hand was right by a pink flower petal.
Slightly sitting up, you realized your body was literally lying on top of pink petals. The petals were all around you as if encircling
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 266 115
BTLG - Where Am I - Canada x Reader [Part 2]
Three months had passed by since your first fateful encounter with your Canadian.
Each day you spent with him was like a dream come true. Every time you woke up and snuck into his room, you were always relieved that he was still there, sleeping. You weren’t a weirdo but you did like to spend some minutes of your morning just looking at his adorable sleeping form and how relaxed his features looked.
You would always question yourself ‘Hmm. I wonder if Mom would like him? Or if Dad would even approve of him? Heck or if my friends would give him the Inquisition?’
Unknowingly to you, he would know that you were there. Since his trusty Kuma always caught you, and you would whisper, “Please don’t tell Mattie, I was here!”
The bear would whisper, “Who?”
“Your owner, Canada.”
But Matthew wasn’t completely innocent either. Sometimes in the middle of the night, he would sneak into your room, and also look at your sle
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 93 101
BTLG -Where am I- Canada x Reader
You woke up to find yourself on a pile of red dried leaves. Your eyes fluttered open and you sat up to realize that you were in the middle of a forest.
“W-where am I!?”
You whipped your head trying to look for someone, anyone but all you saw was maple trees surrounding you.
“Okay, _____ calm down. Try to remember how you got here”
You remembered looking into your old antique mirror and… Canada.
“Wait what?!”
And then when you leaned too close to him, he disappeared. Leading you to trip into the mirror and into the darkness.
“If I fell into that mirror… t-hen how did I get h-here?”
“I was hoping to ask you the same thing”
You whipped your head to the soft voice that came from behind you. And what you saw baffled you.
There he was. Matthew Williams in his usual attire; with his beautiful lavender eyes behind rimmed glasses shining at you, wavy dark blonde hair swaying slightly everytime he mo
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 418 200
BTLG - A Towering Protector - Russia x Reader
A chilly gust of wind immediately woke you and made you sit erect. ‘What the fu-?’
All around you was a blanket of white. You looked down to see that below your once laying body lie on a very thin layer of snow. Your eyes surveyed your surroundings and you seemed to be in the middle of an artic wasteland.
As any sensible human being you asked, “Where am I?”
Another gust of frost-laced wind blew against you.
‘I-it’s so c-cold’ you thought while you shivered.
When that thought surfaced your mind, tiny snowflakes started to fall around you and coat your half-naked form.
‘How do I get out of here? Without dying?’
Your lovely body heat was fast fading away and you slowly became weaker.
You desperately screamed, “I n-need to m-MOVE-!?”
You stopped your scream abruptly when a dark imposing figure approached you.
You couldn’t make out his face because the falling snow was obscur
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 443 110
Reader x Iceland - Where your Heart Belongs
Reader x Iceland – Where your Heart Belongs
Note: Please read description if you have not read the intro.  Btw, sorry if Iceland is a little OOC.  It was hard to try and place his personality.
“Vell (Name), vhat do you vant to do?” Germany asked; his voice laced with reassurance.
The reassurance did not help your mind at all.  There were just too many nations, and you knew if you picked one, the others would probably be sad that you didn’t choose them.  You were just too nice and never have you ever wanted to cause anyone sadness or hurt, but this was one of those things that needed to be done.
You then let your eyes scan the room, taking in each and every expression from the various nations.  Some had hopeful eyes while others had a more…lustful look that you quickly looked away from.  A few minutes passed and you were still unsure of who to choose, but a sudden hushed whisper from your right drew your eyes to its source.
:iconnightsevera:Nightsevera 277 33
Reader x Sweden - My Protective Lover
Reader x Sweden – My Protective Lover
Note:  Sorry if Sweden is OOC.  He’s kind of difficult to write about ^^’.  Also sorry for the wait, had to do some chores before I got to work on this.  Hope everyone likes it!
“Vell (Name)?  Vhat do you vish to do?”
As soon as those words left his mouth, all the eyes in the room turned to you.  Talk about pressure right?  Each of their eyes practically begged you to choose them, and some were far more impatient than others.  This included Prussia, Denmark, and America.  All three were giving you the best puppy dog eyes they could muster, and unfortunately it was slowly breaking your confident stance.
You wanted to be able to choose who you went with without all of the distractions and begging.  Your eyes darted around the room left to right.  You were searching for a country you knew wouldn’t treat you poorly, and that would protect you from anything that w
:iconnightsevera:Nightsevera 333 33
Reader x France - The Love of Jealousy
Reader x France – The Love of Jealousy
Note: Please read description if you have not read the intro.  Also this is my first France fanfic and I had a bit of trouble with him.  If he’s OOC then I’m really sorry! >.
:iconnightsevera:Nightsevera 351 39
Reader x Prussia - Words Unspoken
Reader x Prussia – Words Unspoken
Note:  Ok took forever to figure him out, kind of, but I still can't seem to bring out the awesome in Prussia.  His awesomeness is unreachable lol, so if he is seriously OOC I'm so sorry.
“Vell (Name), vhat do you vant to do?”
You blinked once and began to scan the room.  Each nation had a hopeful look in their eyes, while some, like China, were practically giving you puppy eyes.  You wanted to giggle at their looks, but you knew if you did you might offend some of them.  While your eyes scanned, you let your mind wander.  How could you pick one single nation out of all of them?  
The opening of a door quickly broke your short thought as Japan came in carrying a blanket and a soft looking pillow.  He then came over and han
:iconnightsevera:Nightsevera 293 46



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